Winslow Homer restoration by Oliver Brothers in BostonWinslow Homer in the Adirondacks, art on paper

Winslow Homer, Adirondacks, Man in Boat
watercolor before and after restoration treatment

Winslow Homer, restored watercolor by Oliver Brothers- the oldest art restoration firm in the United States

Winslow Homer
Adirondacks, Man in Boat
watercolor after restoration and with new gilded custom frame

For much of its history, art on paper has been used primarily as a preparatory step in the artistic process. Draftsmanship was essential for many trades; painters, sculptors, architects, and the like made detailed sketches in preparation of executing their fully realized works. Drawing as an independent media for artistic expression began to take off during the Renaissance, coinciding with the more widespread availability of paper, and its study and practice became integral to the education of young artists. Drawing, watercolor, pastel, and other media used on paper would continue to progress as art forms, closely following artistic movements throughout the centuries, from the strict linearity of Neoclassicism, to the colorful dotting of pointillism, to the abstracted forms in Modernism, and beyond.

Art on paper can be of various media that are often combined together to create a finished piece. The media can be either a dry or wet technique. Dry materials include graphite, pastel, charcoal, crayon, and metalpoint, while wet encompasses watercolor, ink, pen, and gouache, among others.

Watercolor restoration exhampleOriginal watercolor cleaned and lined, restoration exhample

Hagia Sophia (537AD)
Original Watercolor
before and after restoration

conservation treatment of the Andrew Wyeth's- watercolor

Andrew Wyeth
watercolor after restoration

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