1960's damaged photo before digital restorationdigital photo restoration by Oliver Brothers in Boston

Color Photo
Restoration Example

Creating a digital record of your photographs is an excellent way to preserve them without causing any damage to the photographic print. Through digitization, you can create an easily accessible virtual archive. While you continue to preserve the original photographs, your digital collection will be safe from light, humidity, water, and other damaging factors that can deteriorate vulnerable photos. However, as technology is not completely safe from damage, it is recommended to store at least one copy of your digital images in a separate location (a safety deposit box, relative’s home, etc.) to ensure the security of your files.

Digital copies of your old photographs can also be restored: you can have your images digitally enhanced without having to alter the originals in any way. Through digital restoration, we can improve the appearance of varying types of damage.


an old photo damaged before digital restorationdamaged pgotograph was restored
An old photo before restorationPhotos digital restoration example
BEFOREDigital photo restoration, black and white example
newspaper photo before digital restorationnewsprint digital restoration

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