Fire damaged painting before and after restoration

Fire damaged painting, before and after restoration

Joan Miro Lithograph Before Recovery and Conservation  Joan Miro Lithograph After Recovery and Conservation from Water Damage

LEFT: A Lithograph by Joan Miro after experiencing water damage
RIGHT: A Lithograph by Joan Miro after restoration

Recovery and Conservation after
Water, Fire & Accidental Damage

If you have experienced water, fire or accidental damage to your fine art, picture frames, valuable documents, or objects, please call our toll-free number (855) 536-2323. Art conservation and restoration is a highly specialized field. The handling, cleaning and restoration of fine art objects after a disaster is best handled by a fine art restoration professional. Our rapid response disaster recovery team will take proper immediate steps to maximize disaster recovery and conservation to prevent further damage and restore your prized possessions to their pre-disaster condition.

Oliver Brothers performs museum-quality restoration services on paintings, art canvasses, antique and contemporary picture frames, documents and works on paper, icons, murals and wall paintings, gilded objects, antiques, and sculpture.

Disaster Response and Recovery: Areas Serviced

Disaster Response and Recovery Service in the Metropolitan Boston Area

Oliver Brothers serves the Metro Boston Area. Oliver Brothers is able to come to the loss location on a rapid response basis.

Disaster Response and Recovery Service in New England

Oliver Brothers serves all six New England states: New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine and Massachusetts, including Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard. Oliver Brothers is able to come to the disaster location on a rapid response basis.

Disaster Response and Recovery Service in the Metropolitan New York City Area

Oliver Brothers serves the Metropolitan New York City Area, including Northern New Jersey, and Southern Connecticut. We are able to come to disaster locations on a rapid response basis to take of damaged artwork.

Visit our Fine Art Restoration, Repair and Conservation Services page for information on the wide variety of services we offer.

Help With Disaster Response, Recovery

Conservation for Damaged Artwork




Disaster Response and Recovery Services for

Oliver Brothers works with insurance companies and claims adjusters, providing all necessary services to properly evaluate, conserve, and restore works of art that have been damaged. Call us to ensure that damaged artwork is properly handled after it has experienced water, smoke or fire damage. Improper handling of damaged artwork can lead to further, sometimes irreparable, damage and increased costs.

We provide expert evaluation and analysis of damaged artwork to ensure that only the necessary restoration services are being provided. In addition to being the experts for disaster recovery art conservation, once the scope of the loss has been determined, Oliver Brothers can provide all necessary restoration services to return the artwork to its pre-loss condition.

This article from the 2009 Saratogian describes a major restoration project we completed for an insurance claim.

Disaster Response and Recovery Services for

Oliver Brothers works closely with home restoration companies to ensure that proper handling takes place to maximize disaster recovery art conservation after a loss. We are able to provide all necessary disaster response and recovery services on-site (see on-site locations below, or contact us for more information on catastrophic losses) to ensure that further damage does not occur. Once the artwork has been stabilized, we are able to provide all necessary restoration services to restore it to its pre-loss condition.

Artwork damaged by water,

left untreated, can provide a fertile breeding ground for mold and other toxins. Professional handling of art objects is important as most materials get weaker when wet. If left untreated, mold and toxins will continue to deteriorate artwork over time.

Artwork damaged by fire or smoke,

needs to be addressed in a timely manner. Soot from a fire or a chimney puff back should be tested and handled by a professional fine art restorer who will determine the best way to clean and restore an art object without causing further damage. Proper handling and cleaning of an art object after a disaster ensures that no further damage is done. For example, soot from a fire or chimney/furnace puff back can easily be driven deeper into an art object if not cleaned properly.

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