Wooden sculpture before restoration

Wooden Bird sculpture before restoration

Objects restoration wood example

Wooden bird sculpture after restoration


We professionally restore many different types of contemporary and antique objects: sculptures, reliefs, statues, and objects of personal importance. We have the expertise to restore objects made from wood, many types of stone, plaster and metal. Here are some contemporary and antique objects restoration examples:

Wooden bird sculpture

This wood bird sculpture was delivered to us in pieces and we were asked to reassemble and restore the sculpture. The legs and beak were in pieces and were drilled, then pinned and glued back together using an appropriate adhesive. The wood base was also reattached and the work was in-painted to match the tone of the existing wood.

Salt and Pepper Mill

Antique objects restoration example
Peper Mill after restoration

Salt and Pepper Mill- before and after restoration

This salt and pepper mill made in Italy during the 1920s was brought in with paint flaking and the silver tarnished.  The object was cleaned, including the interior mechanical device.  The piece was polished and painted and coated with a protective finish.

Asian Censor

Antique Asian Censor before restoration

Asian Censor before restoration

Asian Censor after restoration

Asian Censor after restoration

This bronze Asian Censor came to us in 5 separate pieces.  The pieces had dirt and other residue on the surface.  The  dirt and residue was removed from the surface while maintaining the original patina of the bronze.  The pieces were reassembled and then toned to match the original patina.  The censor was then coated with a protective sealant to help insure the longevity of the art object.

Antique Ivory Fan

Ivory Fan before restoration
Ivory Fan after restoration

Ivory Fan- after restoration

Ivory Fan after restoration

Butterfly Tray

antique object display afrer conservation

Butterfly tray, restored and protected with custom display with UV filtering acrylic

For this project, our restorers and framers came together to preserve a fascinating antique butterfly-wing tray, creating a truly one-of-a-kind framed art object. Without preservation and restoration, this cherished family heirloom would almost certainly have continued to deteriorate. Instead, its former beauty is restored and the object is ready to be enjoyed for many more years to come. You can read more about this fascinating project here.

  Piano keys

The Three Tenors Piano Key Restoration

Restored piano keys signed by The Three Tenors:

Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, and Jose Carreras

Antique clock

Antique Clock Restoration - Before
Antique Clock Restoration - Before
Antique Clock Restoration - During

Antique Hoadley Clock Face, before, during and after restoration   

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