Museum Glass has excellent clarity. The difference in texture is clearly visible.
Museum Glass is an important component in the preservation of framed works of art. It has 99% UV protection, excellent clarity, and no reflections.

No other glass product compares to Museum Glass®. This premier glass product provides 99% UV protection to help protect against fading, and is optically coated for a virtually invisible finish, to create amazing clarity. Tru Vue uses a proprietary multi-step coating process. First, an inorganic silica-based UV inhibiting coating is permanently cured onto the surface of the glass substrate. Then, using Magnetron Sputtering technology, layers of highly energized metal oxides are precisely deposited onto the glass substrate. The result is the most attractive and most protective display option for all works of art. Plus, Museum Glass just got even more amazing. Its smoother, ripple-free surface and newly enhanced coating not only makes it more durable and easier to clean, it enhances the entire viewing experience.


• Virtually eliminates reflections
• Blocks up to 99% of UV rays
• Optimal light transmission protects and brighten colors
• Enhanced surface for better durability and easy cleaning
• Proprietary coatings are engineered for permanence
• Smoother surface- no ripple effect

Nothing ruins the viewing experience of a piece of framed art like annoying reflections and glare. Anti-reflective Museum Glass® eliminates distracting reflections while enhancing clarity for a viewing experience that’s unlike any other. With anti-reflective Museum Glass, no detail is lost. Colors appear
true and customers can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that what’s behind the glass is protected. Because the only thing a piece of art should reflect is the artist’s unique point of view.


Museum Glass Cleaning Tips
museum glass has no reflection

Anti-reflective Museum Glass


With 99% UV protection, Museum Glass® is engineered to keep damaging rays off precious artworks, keepsakes and collectibles, so they can remain on the
wall or on display to be admired and cherished for years to come.

You can find out more about the Museum Glass HERE


WCAF show in Las Vegas, NV January 2017

West Coast art and Frame Expo is an international event. It is the largest gathering for art and picture framing professionals in the United States.

Our Lead Framing Designer Framing Mira Bishop was invited by the Tru Vue to create a show piece, exhibited the 2017 West Coast Art & Frame Expo and National Conference show in Las Vegas, featuring Museum Glass.



Christine Kühn | “TOUCH THE WALL” | mural
Christophe Avril | “THE WALL 34” | photograph

TRU VUE | Museum Glass

A STREET FRAMES | #705 Flat Iron, Raw with F- Bolts

Custom Framing, preservation, archival art framing

You can read more about this project HERE

Museum Glass is the best artwork protection

Museum Glass presentation at the WCAF Expo, Las Vegas, Nevada

museum glass, art preservation, art conservation,

The Wall

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