Oriental Art, Asian Scroll Before RestorationOriental Art, Asian Scroll After Restoration


19th Century Asian Scroll

There was a significant amount of staining and buckling of the paper’s surface due to water damage. The painting was removed from the old fabric support and was cleaned. The water stains were greatly diminished and are barely visible. The painting was re-attached to a new fabric support. If the client had wished to do so, we could have further reduced the discoloration by performing more in-painting.


Oriental art restorationAFTRER

Watercolor and gouache Scroll
Private Collection, Tiburon, CA

The art of crafting Asian scrolls is a centuries old tradition in Chinese and Japanese cultures.  Oriental scrolls typically display paintings or calligraphy inscriptions and are meant to be displayed and viewed for short periods of time. 

Scrolls are made of paper and fabric, most often silk.  Handscrolls are smaller in scale.  They are meant to be read or viewed flat on a table, and depict a continuous story or journey.  Hanging scrolls are larger, and are meant to be hung on the wall for special occasions.  Scrolls are secured to dowels, which play a part in rolling the scroll.  Traditionally the scroll is wound around the dowel and secured, then stored until the next season or viewing occasion, though many people today choose to permanently display their scrolls.  

The craft of scroll making is considered an art unto itself, and the traditional methods are still practiced to this day.  In addition to the time spent creating the artwork, the crafting of a single scroll can take months to complete.  Each traditional Asian scroll reflects the mastery of the artist and craftsman involved in its creation.

Chinese Silk Painting- restored and framed

Chinese Silk Painting- restored and framed

Antique Chinese Vest, restored and framed, textile restoration and custom framing

Antique Chinese Vest, front and back, restored and framed

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