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Custom Picture Frame Styles @ Oliver Brothers Showroom

Our showroom has a large collection of frames dating from the Fifteenth Century to the present. We have handpicked 1000’s of frame mouldings representing many custom picture frame styles.

Our historically accurate reproduction frames are individually crafted and custom-finished to complement each individual artwork. We have the ability to accurately re-create any historic design.

Our selection of Modern and Contemporary frames consists of superbly handcrafted designs from around the world.

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custom made American style gold leaf frame

Custom Picture Frame Styles- An American frame example
Classic American gilded scoop frame with corner details and gold leaf liner

Custom Italian Picture Frame Styles


Spanish Custom Picture Frame Styles


American Style Custom Picture Framing Styles


Custom French Picture Frame Styles


Dutch Custom Picture Framing Styles


American picture frames antique reproduction



Modern white gold gilding, custom framing


Modern Custom Frame Styles yellow gold


More Modern Custom Frame Styles hand finished wood


Modern Custom Frame Styles white gold


Metal Custom Picture Framing Options



Contemporary picture frame, metal leaf finish


Contemporary Picture Framing Options


Contemporary Style Picture Frame


Contemporary Style Picture Frame


Contemporary Style Picture Frame



Bring in your map, and we will have it wrapped around your custom frame

Bring in your map, and we will have it wrapped around your custom frame

Custom picture frame styles- a map frame


Paddington Bear Illustration by R. W. Alley; 2008
ink on paper,  9 ¾” x 7 ¼”

Artwork Story:

While on vacation, our customer and her young son, ran into the renowned children’s book illustrator, R.W. Alley, who has illustrated a number of books for the Paddington Bear series. After speaking with him for a while, he took out a pad of paper and a pen and began drawing a rendition of Paddington Bear especially for the young son of our customer. He signed the drawing and presented to our customer as gift.

The drawing has been a family treasure for a while; however, it was never properly protected by framing or through archival storage. During a holiday party, a beverage was accidentally spilled on the drawing, resulting in blue stains and a buckling of the paper support. That unfortunate incident was a catalyst for the customer to call Oliver Brothers to see if something could be done to reverse the damage.

Treatment Performed:

Once in our studio, the drawing was carefully tested to see to what degree the blue stains could be removed. As well as testing the stains, the black ink used to create the drawing was tested to check its water solubility and stability. Once we were confident that we could remove most, if not all, of the staining without damaging the artwork, the customer happily agreed to have us move forward with our treatment.

The paper support was treated by applying special cleaning agents to the affected areas, while simultaneously protecting the delicate black ink the artwork was made from. The buckling of the artwork was flattened and the acidic content of the paper was greatly reduced. The restoration treatment was a success as we were able to remove all of the staining and buckling all without compromising the original drawing. Once our customer saw the results of our restoration treatment, she happily agreed to have the drawing properly protected with an archival framing solution.

Custom Picture Framing- A map frame

Our customer liked the idea of having a map of France on a frame, so we created one- of- a- kind frame with the map. A museum mat board was wrapped with conservation grade navy blue fabric.  The drawing and two photos were protected with Museum Glass. Museum glass has the highest percentage of UV protection, 99 %. It also virtually eliminates reflections.

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