Oliver Brothers has been shipping and receiving artwork from across the United States for many years. We recommend using Art Shipping Boxes whether you are shipping artwork to us, moving, or to safely store your valuable works of art. These lightweight, yet strong, shipping boxes were specially created to safely ship artwork of all types, including framed or unframed paintings, picture frames and sculptures.

Art Shipping Boxes are made from durable double walled cardboard. They are lined with puncture resistant, high density plastic liners on both the top and bottom and have three layers of shock absorbing, protective foam on the inside. The artwork is inserted into the middle foam layer, which is perforated so you can create a custom size opening to insert your artwork into.

In order to select the correct box size please measure three dimensions of the frame: length, width, and thickness. We do not recommend more than one artwork per shipping box.

For flat works on paper that are unframed, we recommend using an Art Shipping Pad (described below