Examples of Art Restoration

 • Examples of Art Restoration: Paper and Textile


Fabric and paper restoration 19th Century

A very unique and interesting project that came into our studio recently was a pair of mix-media French fashion advertisements, both dating back to the 1870s. Both pieces were created by Adele-Anais Toudouze, one of the major artists for La Mode Illustree, (Fashion Illustrated), a French fashion magazine, published in Paris in the 19th century The advertisements are comprised of hand colored engravings with miniature fabric dresses adhered to the engraving. These advertisements were displayed on the walls of high end French dress shops as functional displays, much like pages from a catalogue, inspiring women to purchase the dresses being showcased. You can read more about the project here.

 •Examples of Art Restoration: The Butterfly Tray


antique object display afrer conservationButterfly tray, restored and protected with custom display with UV filtering acrylic

For this project, our restorers and framers came together to preserve a fascinating antique butterfly-wing tray, creating a truly one-of-a-kind framed art object. Without preservation and restoration, this cherished family heirloom would almost certainly have continued to deteriorate. Instead, its former beauty is restored and the object is ready to be enjoyed for many more years to come. You can read more about this fascinating project here.

•Examples of Art Restoration: Painting and frame


Oil painting and frame after art restoration

A painting, Portrait of Young Boy, by Enoch Seeman the Younger, and its companion Peter Lely-style picture frame were each around 250 years old before they arrived at Oliver Brothers. While both items had long histories, and interesting stories to tell, each needed a meticulous level of restoration to ensure their longevity.

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Thank you letter Oliver Brothers restoration




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