Custom Picture Framing Liners and Mats

Custom picture framing liners and mats create a slight visual pause between the detail of the art and the intricacy of the frame carving. They provide a smooth transition between the frame and the artwork and contribute toward the polished overall impression of the framed artwork.

In addition to 100% rag mat options we also offer fabric wrap mat board or liners with gilded bevels. Liners and mats can be wrapped in any of five hundred and fifty choices of fabrics.


picture framing fabrics for liners and mats

550 fabric choices

Gold leaf traditional American picture frame, fabric mat and gilded bevel

Fabric liner with gold leaf bevel

French Matting

French matting is an ancient technique that uses watercolor wash panels and ink lines around the perimeter of a matted piece, combined with watercolor, ink, tempera, marbled papers, gesso and gold leaf. French matting offers endless customization possibilities. All materials used are archival, and all work is done by hand.

French mat (or French lines) ecample- custom picture framing

Portrait, restored and re-framed with French mat and

gilded period frame

Arts and Crafts custom picture frame

Norman  Rockwell drawing framed with French mat (or French lines) and authentic Arts and Crafts reproduction frame in English wax finish

Eglomise Mats

Englomise mats, also known as ‘black glass gilding’ or ‘reverse glass mats’ are handcrafted by painting glass black on the reverse side. The glass mat is enhanced with gold leaf lines.

reverse glass mats’ are handcrafted by painting glass black on the reverse side.

Gilded Liners| examples


Example wide gilded liner and simple wooden custom picture frame

traditional dutch picture frame with gilded liner, antique Dutch painting

Fine Art Custom Nameplates

Custom gold leaf hardwood nameplates are available in different sizes. Nameplates come with rounded or square edges. All nameplates are museum quality and could be gilded in yellow 24k gold and white 12k gold.

Engraved fine art nameplates, artist nameplates, nameplates for artwork, gilded

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