Works on Paper Restoration and Conservation: Fine Art Prints, Documents, Drawings, Photographs

 restoration and conservation, works on paper,Leonardo Da Vinci example

Leonardo Da Vinci, (1452-1519) original drawing, restored and framed
Winslow Homer, restored watercolor by Oliver Brothers- the oldest art restoration firm in the United States
Winslow Homer (1836 –1910) , Adirondack Scene: Man in Boat
Watercolor on paper/  This incredible watercolor was restored, framed, delivered  by us.
It is protected with Tru Vue’s Optium Museum Acrylic.
Mary Cassatt, Woman with Child, signed print, before restoration   Mary Cassatt, Women with child, signed print, works on paper conservation
Mary Cassatt, Woman with Child, signed print,
before and after restoration and with new frame

Oliver Brothers has restored many different types of works on paper: watercolors, lithographs, pastels, wood cuts, drawings,  etchings, serigraphs,  engravings, old maps, posters, fine art prints, letters, photographs and documents.



Paper Restoration - St. George - Before    Paper Restoration - St. George - After

Albrecht Durer, St. George and the Dragon
woodcut, before and after restoration

Typically, damage to the works on paper occurs due to:

1. Changes in humidity and temperature– storing works on paper in basements, attics, or hanging them on the outside walls

2. Faulty framing: mat boards containing acid and lignin, use of adhesives, lack of spacers in between artwork and glass

3. Exposure to the light: sunlight or fluorescent light or any other intense light source

Examine your artworks and call us if you notice:

– Reddish-brown spots also known as “foxing”, caused by mold

– “mat-burn”, a darkening of the paper under the mat or at the bevel cut of the window mat, caused by bad quality or very old mat boards.

U.S. Library of Congress recommendation

Our Custom Framing department follows the matting and framing recommendations set by the United States Library of Congress.

  Mary Cassatt, Bathing, signed print, after restoration

Mary Cassatt, Woman Bathing, signed print,
before and after restoration and with new frame

“To increase the life and enjoyment of your print or photograph and to save money in the future on conservation treatments, you should invest in appropriate preservation matting and framing. ” You can read entire an article here: Preservation Guidelines for Matting and Framing


Works on paper restoration and conservation examples

1921 WW1 document restored1921 WW1 document before and after restoration treatment


An antique poster restoration example
Ringling Bros and Barnum & Baily antique poster- an antique poster restoration example


Paper Restoration - World Series Ticket

 1951 World Series Ticket-New York Yankees vs. New York GiantsHand-signed by: Yogi Berra, Joe DiMaggio and Phil Rizzuto
Poster Restoration - Theatrophone Before   Poster Restoration - Theatrophone After
Antique French Theatrical Poster, before and after restoration
Paul Cezanne Lithograph - Before Restoration   Paul Cezanne Lithograph - After Restoration
Paul Cezanne, Lithograph, before and after restoration
Miro Lithograph Restoration - Before   Miro Lithograph After Restoration
Joan Miro, Lithograph, before and after restoration
Japanese Paper Relief Sculpture - After Cleaning   Japanese Paper Relief Sculpture - After Cleaning
Japanese paper relief sculptures after cleaning

World War II photo, restored and framed
John Singer Sargent Antique Document Restoration
John Singer Sargent, letter, drawing and lithograph
 Old documenr restoration example
Naturalization Document, restored and framed
Boston Harbour engraving after restoration treatment
Boston Harbor engraving restored

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